Friday, 13 July 2012

Turning the big 1-8!

Okay, so to pretty much each girl I know (especially in the UK) turning Eighteen is a biggie, you get to hit the clubs and dance the night away ... dur!!

I recently just had my eighteenth birthday party, and then we hit a club afterwards, It was such a great night spent with all friends and family, dancing and singing together, and all having a drink!!

I went birthday dress shopping with my mum and sissy in a little village, and we went to a little cute boutique, that had the cutest dress from a brand 'Jollie Moi' which was a black petticoat dress with floral print, and a triangular cut out back!! They didn't have a small in stock, but I knew that this was the one, so as soon as I got home I got surfing the net, and found a whole brand new stock of them on .. EBAY!! The dress was originally around £45 pound, however for the same exact brand new dress on Ebay, along with postage and packaging was ... £18!!!!! I was over the moon with that bargain, and knew it was fate, and in the heavens that I bought that dress!!!

And shoe wise, I found the cutest orange wedges from New Look, the strap had been slightly damaged  - but barely noticeable and most certainly easily fixable with a little bit of thread, however we got the price knocked down to around £13 I believe! I wanted shoes that were going to be comfy, and not too high and not too small!! These were perfect choice!!

Hope you enjoyed, and ooo you have to check out my balloon man behind me in the pic!!

Until next time girls,    - A