Monday, 6 May 2013

teeny tiny reflection

So many things have changed lately, mainly all for the better however.
I have begun to realize all the genuine people in my life, others whom I have realized are not worth my time or breath anymore, If 'friends' in my life are happy enough to walk out of my life, i shall no longer chase or beg, I shall simply hold the door open for them. 

Life is too short and I want to enjoy every moment of it, no drama nor negativity, I want a happy and successful life. 

Another benefit, is I am really happy in a relationship with christopher(picture below). He is like my best friend and boyfriend all wrapped in to one, we do lots together, we are so similar and I love him very much, He made me happy at a time i didnt think it was possible,  the happiest ive been in a long  time.

Anyway, until next time 

alio xoxo