Thursday, 21 November 2013

Miley talk

So as everyone in the whole universe knows ... Miley Cyrus has grown up! Big whoooop!
It is really beginning to do my head in the way people are reacting to her!
Yes the ex disney star has done some differrent performances to what she would have done many years ago in her sparkly clothes and blonde wig posing as Hannah Montana; but she IS an adult now!

I don't know about you but I have most certainly used the line "mum im not a baby"  or something along them lines; its exactly the same thing but on a much bigger scale, she has the whole world watching in closely on her life with a magnify glass waiting for the tinest of flaws to happen.

She is a young human being, has feelings but to put it straight she obviously does not care in the slightest shes having fun, that is all that matters!!
I just cannot get my head around all this bad press she has been receving. Don't get me wrong I don't think she has helped herself out in the bestest way i.e glamorising drugs - or not even that but smoking a joint on tv or whatever she done BUT she done it ... perhaps she learnt, or perhaps she didn't but I really think people should move on with their lives.

Food for thought

Alio x

late h-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n

Soooo as I am behind a little on posts, thought I would update a little on more recent events! So the other week after work me and the girls decided to grace Stevenage old town i.e cinnnna's with our presence!

I saw a little of girls tweeting slating other girls Halloween costumes, so to give them a little more fuel I dressed up as the stereotypical kitttty kat AND PROUD! I think people should only be bitching if  they feel the need to about like slutty costumes in their lingerie but whatevs, not my problem.
But either way it was a pretty fun night, pretty busy to! We met up with some other friends and went to go Chicago's (they near enough had to drag me, i hate it) but I didn't wanna be the party pooper. Once we arrived we was welcomed by a MAHOOSIVE queue which straight away gave me the hump! A bouncer then approached us and was about to let us queue jump, got to the till and it was something stupid like £8 to get in! Straight away me and a girl I was with left haha, home it was. I was not paying that for a tiny sweatbox night club, one that I would be people watching in and moaning anyway! But it didn't matter, I had work the next day so it helped!

I really want to go America for Halloween, it just looks outta this world!
Here's some piccies!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


So I have become extremely bad at updating this blog I created .. BUT NOT NO MORE! 

So way back in July, Me and three friends went to the party island of Ibiza for a week away!

But WOW it was the best week of my life, I had been waiting for the moment to leave for the week since way back in December 2012 when we booked it, and before I knew it the date was here! 
Being my first girls holiday I was so ready to go, not no cares or worries in the world, (apart from if I packed enough or too much haha!) I was so excited for what was to come, and that it would be a great memory for the rest of my life, What a brilliant first girls holiday! 

The plane journey there was a brilliant way to kick off what we was about to experience, Jade, Sammy and Katie where on one row of the plane and I was on the end of the opposite next to them. However next to me was a VERY funny guy and whom we believe was his American/Latino/German or some kind of mixed accent boyfriend/partner! But wowwwie was they funny, They had me in stitches the whole journey there, singing songs, laughing, telling jokes. Even when we was about to land one of them shouted "WOOOHOO EVERYONE WE'VE ARRIVED TO MAGALUF" they was drunk, so funny however I was worried in case one of them vommed on me, but that didn't happen, luckily! 

We done so many things in that week, our hotel was lovely which was a bonus! It had two pools, the rooms was nice, its was close to everything in San Antonio but not right on the streets of people being sick or passed out on the doorstep, thankfully! The first full day we sunbathed and chilled out by the pool trying to get our tan on, to catch up with the people whom have already been here. Then we went to the west end to get our animal face/body paint done all ready for The Zoo Project! We went up the hills and to the zoo project, It was something I have never experienced before! Staff walking around on tall stilts all dressed up, dancing pandas, random dj's spread out and people dancing everywhere, pool parties, hammocks randomly set out! 

We also went to see Avicii/Boat party which was all one package, the BEST day of the holiday I would say, I don't get travel sickness however I had never been on a boat before where I was constantly drinking alcohol and dancing/jumping around whilst riding the waves, So I was a little nervous however I was 100% fine! We made friends with a group of other friends whom we stayed with when we went to see Avicii. After we all got a taxi back to central San Antonio and went to some other bars/went to the beach at like 2am in the morning and all chatted and just had a laugh!

The week continued this way seeing more acts like Tinie Tempah at Ibiza Rocks, to more sunbathing, pedalo fun in the day time, to going cafe mambo and watching the sunset which was the perfect way to end our holiday. As a group of friends we had an awesome time, learnt even more about each other having to spend every hour of the day together but it was fun and I wouldn't have changed it for the world! Its an expensive place but i recommend it, or I genuinely recommend a holiday like that in any location, stay safe, have fun and you will not regret it!!!