Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Summer Bod, hopes, dreams and wishes!

Hey people!

So I have been a gym member since last year sometime at a little local gym in my town, It is often busy in the evening so I like to go 11am/lunch time. In 24 days I will be jetting off to the little magical party island Ibiza with some of my girl friends, which I am super excited about!

However as a girl I have obviously been a little worried about my body, so have been fully committed to the gym in order to get the results that I want in time for me and my bikini to hit the beach!! I used to THOROUGHLY DISLIKE the gym .. in other words HATE the gym, I just found it so much of an effort to get there (I was fine once there) and as soon as I would leave eat some crap to add all the pounds back on!

However now I am absolutely LOVING the gym, there is nothing better than seeing results and nothing better than having the self discipline to say NO to the bad stuff! This doesn't mean I starve myself that's even worse than eating junk, however I am now eating fruits and nutritious supplements to replace these bad foods and its tough sometimes but I treat myself too. I am not far in to my  journey and I am going to cover it all on here, firstly for myself to get my thoughts out and to track my progress but also for you all too see and hope join me!


alio xo